Obama expects Democrats will keep Senate majority

AP News
Posted: Oct 24, 2012 2:58 PM
Obama expects Democrats will keep Senate majority

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says Democrats have a good chance of keeping control of the Senate, but will face a tougher time taking over the House from Republicans.

Obama, who is in the final stretch of his tight race against Republican candidate Mitt Romney, told radio host Tom Joyner in an interview taped Tuesday that Senate Democrats have a hard time getting much done because of Senate rules that often require 60 votes to advance legislation.

"The Democrats, have a very good chance of retaining control of the Senate, although as you know, the problem with the Senate these days, yeah, they have all kinds of crazy rules that require 60 votes to get anything done, which means the Republicans say no to things," Obama said. "The House of Representatives is going to be tougher, but so much of this is going to depend on people voting.

Democrats control the Senate 53-47, including two independents who vote with them. Of the 33 seats up for grabs on Election Day, a dozen are considered competitive. Republicans need a net pickup of four seats Election Day to take control if Obama is re-elected, three if Romney wins.

In the House, Democrats may make some gains but seem unlikely to pick up the 25 seats they need to win control from the GOP. Democrats have been hoping that a strong Election Day performance by Obama could lift their House candidates, especially in states he is expected to win easily like New York, Illinois and California.