Romney comments bring battleground-states debate

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Posted: Sep 19, 2012 5:38 PM
Romney comments bring battleground-states debate

Mitt Romney's comments about Americans who don't pay income tax sparked discussion across the presidential campaign's battleground states. Some examples.


In downtown Denver, Sue James said Romney's comments turn her away from him, although she's no real fan of President Barack Obama. "I pay taxes, but because (Romney) uses that to divide people, that turns me away from him," said James, a geologist and political independent.

Jorgen Christiansen, a Denver voter also troubled by both candidates, credited Romney with speaking his mind. "At least he was being honest," he said.


At Saint Anselm College in Manchester, Romney's remarks ignited a heated discussion in an environmental politics class. "A lot of students don't think highly of what he said," said John Pearson, 20, a Republican. "I think it's going to alienate potential voters."


A debate broke out among friends at a table at Westview Inn in West Salem, in the western reaches of this Midwestern battleground.

Shirley Otto of Onalakska bemoaned what she sees as increasing government dependence and lauded Romney. "I think most people feel there's a strong feeling of entitlement," said Otto.

Shaking her head, Donia Lenser from LaCrosse dismissed Romney as misunderstanding most Americans who are poor. "He doesn't believe they should have a hand up."