A look at some deaths in presidential motorcades

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Posted: Sep 10, 2012 4:38 PM
A look at some deaths in presidential motorcades

A look at some accidents that have resulted in deaths of officers traveling in the president's motorcade:

1902 — Secret Service agent struck and killed by trolley car in Lenox, Mass., while serving in President Theodore Roosevelt's detail

1928 — Police officer on motorcycle escort to presidential candidate was struck and killed in Kearny, N.J.

1929 — Virginia State Police officer dies about six weeks after a motorcycle crash while escorting President Calvin Coolidge

1992 — Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy dies in motorcycle accident while escorting Sen. Paul Tsongas, a presidential candidate

2006 — Honolulu Police officer dies after his motorcycle slides on a rain-slicked roadway, where he was escorting President George W. Bush

2007 — Rio Rancho, N.M., police officer dies in motorcycle crash while escorting Bush's motorcade

2008 — A Dallas police officer slams into a guardrail and is killed while escorting then-Sen. Hilary Clinton's motorcade

2012 — Jupiter, Fla., police officer dies in crash while President Barack Obama travels to campaign rally


Sources: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Associated Press News Research Center, news archives.