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Posted: Sep 06, 2012 5:24 PM

A political convention. A celebrity. An empty chair. Don't worry, says singer James Taylor, there's nothing to fear.

A week after Clint Eastwood appeared at the Republican National Convention and created a mini-phenomenon — replete with its own Twitter meme — by talking to a chair on stage, Taylor couldn't resist a joke at the actor and director's expense as he opened up the final night of the Democratic convention.

"It's an empty chair, it makes you nervous," Taylor told the convention as he took the stage. "Don't worry — I'm going to sit on it. I'm not going to talk to it."

Taylor promptly plopped down and launched into one of his most famous hits "Carolina in My Mind," a particularly apropos tune given the convention's host state.

The crooner rose from his chair after finishing that song, only to play a few more upbeat songs.

"I'm an old white guy, and I love Barack Obama," Taylor said.

— Henry C. Jackson — Twitter


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