AP News
Posted: Sep 06, 2012 1:42 PM

Democrats may believe there is much to fault Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan about. But in the eyes of former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, Ryan may not be as vulnerable over his spending cuts or criticism that he may have misled voters about a GM plan closing as he is over something else.

"What's going to kill him is lying about his marathon time," Dean said on "CBS This Morning."

"You get branded as someone you can't trust."

Ryan, a former fitness instructor, recently told a radio host that he ran a marathon in less than three hours. He later corrected the record after Runner's World magazine found evidence he had completed one marathon, in 1990, and finished in just over four hours. Ryan laughed off the initial misstatement, saying it was a long time ago and he had forgotten his exact time.

— Hope Yen


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