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Posted: Sep 06, 2012 9:26 PM

On the last night of the Democratic convention, a Charlotte, N.C., street corner about three blocks from the arena was the epicenter of just about all the craziness one of the biggest political fests in the world had to offer.

On the corner of East 5th Street and College Street, people shut out of the convention were being preached to by abortion foes with graphic pictures of dead fetuses.

One block to the north and west, protesters stopped during their final nightly march in front of hundreds of police officers and dozens of people snapping pictures and video on their cellphones. They chanted "Whose street? Our street!" And "This is a peaceful march!"

All along the blocks to the south, merchants were slashing prices on President Barack Obama buttons, T-shirts, books, towels, trailer hitch covers and even air fresheners.

And just past that was the sand sculpture of the president that survived four days of sultry Southern storms and was still smiling.

— Jeffrey Collins — Twitter


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