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Posted: Sep 06, 2012 1:37 PM

Are Democrats here in Charlotte insulted by the taunts Republicans are throwing at them? Well, sure, but at least the derision is boosting the economy.

One street vendor near the convention center was drawing customers Thursday with exuberant shouts of "More T-shirts than four years ago!" That was a play on the Republicans' pointed question to voters: "Are you better off than four years ago" when Barack Obama took office? And sales were quite brisk for stacks of brand-new shirts showing a seated Obama and the slogan: "This seat is taken," a retort to Clint Eastwood's mock questioning of an invisible president in an empty chair at last week's GOP convention.

Vendors have sold loads of campaign buttons this week, but they've got lots left, too. On the convention's last day, some were still going for $2.50, but at least one seller was in inventory-clearance mode with delegates leaving town: "All buttons one dollar," he was shouting. "Everything on this table one dollar!"

— Robert Furlow — Twitter


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