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Posted: Sep 05, 2012 2:16 PM

Democrat Julian Castro admitted his 3-year-old daughter's hair flipping had him a little flipped out while he was addressing thousands of Democratic National Convention delegates.

The young Carina Victoria Castro's hair tossing came while her father was making what could be a national political career launching speech on prime-time television Tuesday night.

Castro told reporters in a streaming interview that he was talking about passing the torch to the next generation and was speaking to his daughter saying, "Que Dios te bendiga," ''May God bless you." Meanwhile, the audience could see Carina on the big screen television above the stage where her father stood, flipping her locks.

"Everyone started laughing and I was like, "What? You are not supposed to laugh at this part," Castro said.

Castro's speech earned him much ink and follow-up interviews. But video of his daughter also drew attention Wednesday. Video of her were being shared on social media and led some to refer to Willow Smith's popular song, "I Whip My Hair Back And Forth."

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Castro said many politicians who have delivered the keynote speech at Democratic conventions have gone nowhere. Then again, they didn't have a young, hair-flipping Carina helping them.

— Suzanne Gamboa — Twitter http://twitter.com/APsgamboa