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Posted: Sep 04, 2012 10:31 AM

Even the contender for the highest office in the land sometimes has to wait.

Mitt Romney's motorcade, en route to the home of former Massachusetts Gov. Kerry Healey in West Windsor, Vt., on Tuesday morning, got briefly waylaid — by a tractor.

Romney's motorcade was winding its way through the mountains, driving past red barns and horse farms and leaving the highways behind in favor of gravel roads that often carried the cars far out of range of any cell phone signal. At one point, the motorcade came upon the tractor, slowing it to a stop before the tractor got out of the way.

Healey's home is outside of any actual town. Woodstock, Vt., where reporters traveling with him will be staying, is about 8 miles away.

— Kasie Hunt — Twitter


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