AP News
Posted: Sep 04, 2012 10:07 PM

What a difference four years can make. During the 2008 Democratic presidential primary race, Hillary Clinton tried to raise doubts about Barack Obama's readiness to be president by wondering how he would handle an emergency call in the middle of the night. Could he handle that 4 a.m. call signaling a global crisis?

This time around, Obama is the incumbent president, a veteran of four years of crises in the Iraq and Afghan wars, drone attacks on Pakistan and Yemen, and the decision to launch a Navy SEALs attack on terror leader Osama bin Laden.

So it was unsurprising — but certainly an interesting echo — when Obama's former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, suggested that this time around, voters should worry about Republican Mitt Romney's lack of experience on foreign affairs.

"Now, one thing I know with absolute certainty .... is that in the next four years, an unforeseen crisis, challenge or conflict is going to seize the country," said Emanuel, now Chicago's mayor. "Whose leadership, whose judgment, whose values do you want in the White House when that crisis lands like a thud on the Oval Office desk?"

Times have changed, indeed.

— Sally Buzbee