Romney distances self from 'Anglo Saxon' remark

AP News
Posted: Jul 25, 2012 4:42 PM
Romney distances self from 'Anglo Saxon' remark

LONDON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is distancing himself from an unnamed adviser quoted in British media as suggesting that President Barack Obama doesn't understand the "Anglo-Saxon" heritage shared by Britain and the U.S.

Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said Wednesday that if an adviser did say that, the adviser wasn't reflecting Romney's views.

Vice President Joe Biden and top Obama strategist David Axelrod criticized Romney over the comments reported in the Daily Telegraph.

The London paper quoted an unnamed adviser saying that Romney believes the U.S. relationship with Britain is special because of shared "Anglo-Saxon heritage" and that the White House doesn't appreciate that shared history.

Biden says the comments are a "disturbing" start to Romney's overseas trip.