Lugo: 4th Paraguayan president to face impeachment

AP News
Posted: Jun 22, 2012 3:47 PM
Lugo: 4th Paraguayan president to face impeachment

ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) — Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo is the fourth leader in of the South American country to face impeachment proceedings.

The other three were:

-Jose P. Guggiari: Impeached in 1928 after guards at the presidential palace shot and killed eight high school students who were demanding that he send more troops to stop the advancement of Bolivian soldiers near the Chaco Boreal area. Guggiari resigned and his vice president took over. He never went to trial because a congressional investigative commission acquitted him of the charges before a trial was held. Guggiari regained control of the presidency, and transferred the presidency to his successor, Eusebio Ayala, in 1932.

-Raul Cubas: Resigned March 28, 1999, while the Senate was evaluating whether to impeach him. The lower house had earlier accused him of poor performance for pardoning Ret. Gen. Lino Cesar Oviedo, who was detained for his alleged responsibility in the assassination of Vice president Luis Maria Argana.

-Luis Gonzalez Macchi: Impeached in February 2003 on charges he failed to administer the country's finances and for appointing a friend to sell the state-own telephone company to foreign companies. Gonzalez Macchi didn't face trial because only 25 out of 45 Senators voted to try him. At least 30 votes were needed for a trial.