Obama 'angry' about Secret Service scandal

AP News
Posted: Apr 25, 2012 2:12 PM
Obama 'angry' about Secret Service scandal

The White House says President Barack Obama is "angry" about the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia.

As the scandal was unfolding, Obama promised he would be angry if the accusations proved true. But when asked about the results of the investigation Tuesday, he gave a light-hearted response, saying the incident was "a little distracting" and the people involved were "knuckleheads."

White House spokesman Jay Carney put it more bluntly Wednesday when a reporter pointed out Obama's comments didn't sound angry. Carney said, "of course he is angry."

The Secret Service investigation resulted in eight employees being forced out, one stripped of his security clearance and three cleared of wrongdoing. The employees were all in Colombia helping set up security ahead of a visit by Obama.