Buford, Wyo.: America's Smallest Town Up for Auction

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Apr 04, 2012 4:00 PM
Buford, Wyo.: America's Smallest Town Up for Auction

Why own a house when you can own a town? Granted, it's the nation's smallest town, and it only has one resident, but nonetheless, Buford, Wyo., can be yours on April 5 when it goes up for auction.

The opening bid for the town is $100,000 and the sale will include five buildings: a three-bedroom home, a 1905 schoolhouse that has been used as an office, a garage, a 1900s cabin used as a tool shed, and the Buford Trading Post, which is a convenience store and gasoline station. Also included in the sale are 10 acres of land, a collection of U.S. Post Office boxes, and a Union Wireless cellular tower with lease.

Though Don Sammons (pictured above), the town's mayor and sole resident, says that he's enjoyed living in Buford for over three decades (he moved to Buford with his wife in 1980), he's putting the town up for auction this Thursday because he's ready to move on. Particularly in light of his wife's death several years ago and his now-adult son moving out, Sammons says it's time to leave the world's smallest town behind.