A look at Colorado ahead of Tuesday's caucuses

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Posted: Feb 07, 2012 2:54 AM
A look at Colorado ahead of Tuesday's caucuses

A profile of Colorado, site of a Republican caucus Tuesday:


Population: 5,116,796

Born in a different state: 46.6 percent


Median age: 36.1

Percentage of the population 65 and over: 10.5 percent


83.5 percent white; 20.1 percent Hispanic or Latin origin; 3.9 percent black; 2.7 percent Asian


Language other than English spoken at home: 16.8 percent


High school graduate or higher: 89.3 percent

Bachelor's degree or higher: 35.9 percent


Median household income: $56,456

Families below the poverty level: 8.6 percent

Owner-occupied housing units: 65.5 percent

Renter-occupied housing units: 34.5 percent


Barack Obama, 53.7 percent; John McCain, 44.7 percent


Republicans, 782,805; Democrats, 673,701; Unaffiliated, 627,210


_Colorado has the nation's strictest tax-and-spending limits. Passed by voters in 1992, the Taxpayers Bill of Rights requires lawmakers to ask voters to raise taxes. It limits the amount of tax revenue the state can keep and spend because government can't grow faster than the combined rate of inflation and population growth.

_82 percent of the population lives along the Front Range, the corridor that runs from Fort Collins in the north to Pueblo in the south.

_Colorado has 53 mountains higher than 14,000 feet. The highest is Mount Elbert at 14,443 feet.

_Colorado is known as the Centennial State. It became the 38th state in 1876, 100 years after the United States declared independence.

_The name Colorado has its origin in the Spanish language, meaning "colored red," after its soil. Congress chose the name when it made Colorado a territory in 1861.


Sources: 2010 U.S. Census data; Colorado Secretary of State Office; State Demography Office; state Department of Personnel and Administration.