US Official: China and Russia will regret UN vote

AP News
Posted: Feb 06, 2012 7:52 AM
US Official: China and Russia will regret UN vote

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice says China and Russia are running of risk of suffering the same sort of international isolation as Syria's Bashar Assad because of their decision to block a U.N. Security Council vote embracing an Arab League solution for the Syrian crisis.

Rice says in a nationally broadcast interview she thinks both Moscow and Beijing "will come to regret" their votes Saturday against the Arab League-sponsored resolution aimed at moving Assad in the direction of a peaceful transition to democracy in his violence-wracked country.

Rice tells "CBS This Morning" she shares Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's view that the failed vote in the Security Council was a "travesty" and said the United States will continue to step up pressure for Assad to step aside.