Obama adviser: Voters have trouble trusting Romney

AP News
Posted: Jan 08, 2012 9:49 AM
Obama adviser: Voters have trouble trusting Romney

President Barack Obama's chief campaign adviser says conservative and moderate Republicans are having problems trusting GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney.

Strategist David Axelrod says it's clear Romney is running into resistance from a majority of Republican voters, given that his support is under 25 percent in most national surveys and some early voting states.

Axelrod also took aim at Romney's work at the Bain Capital private equity company. Romney has never substantiated his claim that he was a creator of more than 100,000 jobs while leading Bain. Critics cite jobs lost at Bain-acquired or Bain-supported firms that closed, cut back or shifted employment overseas.

Axelrod tells ABC's "This Week" that Romney is "a corporate raider" and that "bringing a Bain mentality" to running the economy undercuts Romney's candidacy.