Christine O'Donnell comes to Mitt Romney's defense Staff
Posted: Jan 05, 2012 10:30 AM
Christine O'Donnell comes to Mitt Romney's defense

Mitt Romney supporter Christine O’Donnell denied Thursday that the presidential candidate’s health care law in Massachusetts is similar to President Barack Obama’s, saying it’s like “comparing Motel 6 to the Four Seasons.”

“Obviously, one of the concerns of many Americans is Obamacare, and to compare the Massachusetts health care bill to Obamacare is like comparing Motel 6 to the Four Seasons,” O’Donnell said on CNN. “Gov. Romney has clearly articulated a strong understanding of how destructive full implementation of Obamacare truly will be and he’s pledged over and over to make stopping Obamacare in his tracks his number one priority.”

O’Donnell, who was a tea party favorite in 2010 when she made an unsuccessful bid for the Senate in Delaware, made headlines in December when she inadvertently drew attention to the charge from critics that Romney has a history of flip-flopping when she said he’d been consistent after he changed positions.

In Thursday’s interview, O’Donnell was more careful with her words, saying she is satisfied with the former governor’s record. “I took a close look at Gov. Romney’s record, I brought all my concerns directly to Gov. Romney’s campaign, and they were able to address them,” she said.

She also suggested that her endorsement of the presidential hopeful, along with the support Romney has garnered from South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, was a sign that he is not an establishment candidate.

“You look at the fact that Gov. Romney has earned not only my endorsement but gov. nikki haley’s endorsement, figures who have had to fight the establishment, and The resounding message in that is that he has broad based appeal,” she said. “Because they know that based on Gov. Haley’s record, based on my record, we would not sell out like that.”