Bachmann: Obama 'AWOL' at crunch time on deficits

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Posted: Nov 22, 2011 7:31 AM
Bachmann: Obama 'AWOL' at crunch time on deficits

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says America runs the risk of going the route of Greece on fiscal affairs, saying it's time to "pick up a mirror and look into it."

The Minnesota Republican who's seeking her party's presidential nomination tells "Fox and Friends" it's tragic that the congressional supercommittee failed to reach agreement on a $1.2-trillion deficit-reduction deal.

And she blames President Barack Obama for the problem, saying he was "AWOL" when crunch time came. Bachmann says the president still "blames the people who are in the middle of the problem." She asks, "We didn't see this coming?"

Bachmann adds in the interview Tuesday: "We look at Greece and it's obvious what needs to be done. ... We can't afford a welfare state, so don't do it anymore."