Huntsman: Bring US troops home from Afghanistan

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Posted: Nov 12, 2011 8:35 PM
Huntsman: Bring US troops home from Afghanistan

Republican presidential contender Jon Huntsman says it's time for the United States to exit Afghanistan and focus on rebuilding the nation's home front.

The former ambassador to China says during Saturday night's debate of GOP hopefuls that he would leave a small contingent of forces on the ground to help Afghan forces. He says the United States has achieved its goals of removing the Taliban from governing, killing Osama bin Laden and staging free elections.

He says it's now time for America to focus on America, not Afghanistan or Iraq.

Rival Mitt Romney says that he would listen to his military commanders and says President Barack Obama is not heeding the military's advice. Romney says Obama is playing politics with deployments and disagrees with any timeline for withdrawal.