Cain Herman Cain's wife to do TV interview Staff
Posted: Nov 01, 2011 2:35 PM
Cain Herman Cain's wife to do TV interview

Herman Cain's wife, Gloria, is reportedly going to do her first nationally televised interview on Fox News.

Gloria Cain's upcoming interview, reported by The New York Times, comes as the GOP presidential candidate has been besieged by questions about allegations he sexually harassed two women who worked for him at the National Restaurant Association in the mid-1990s.

Herman Cain says he was "falsely accused" and never sexually harassed anyone. His conflicting statements generated a buzz of their own, and Cain today told CNN he has not changed his story about a financial settlement in the matter.

Gloria Cain will be interviewed Friday by Fox's Greta Van Susteren, who discussed the sexual harassment allegations at length with the candidate last night.

Herman Cain said in a separate Fox interview on Monday that his wife would soon do an "exclusive" interview and would soon be "introduced in terms of some limited exposure." But Gloria Cain has not been a presence on the campaign trail -- as Ann Romney and Anita Perry have been -- because, her husband said "it's not her style."