With no staff, Bachmann mails paper for NH primary

AP News
Posted: Oct 26, 2011 8:50 PM
With no staff, Bachmann mails paper for NH primary

In keeping with the scant attention she has paid to New Hampshire, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann mailed her paperwork to get on the state's presidential primary ballot instead of showing up in person or having someone else do it for her.

Though Bachmann could have signed up herself, sending a staffer wasn't an option after all five of her paid New Hampshire staffers quit last week, complaining that they were kept out of the loop and treated rudely by her national campaign team.

Most of the major candidates have filed in person, although Texas Rep. Ron Paul and Georgia businessman Herman Cain sent campaign workers instead.

Bachmann, who has been focused almost exclusively on Iowa, has visited New Hampshire twice since launching her campaign in late June.

But in an online campaign video posted Wednesday night, she told New Hampshire voters that there will be "many more" meetings.

"You are the ones who make this decision, and so I'm grateful to have this chance to be able to come to you now and thank you for the wonderful support you've given and to ask you to give even more," she said. "I'm asking for your best donation, and signing up to be a volunteer."