Obama adviser slams Romney on health care plan

AP News
Posted: Oct 19, 2011 7:37 AM
Obama adviser slams Romney on health care plan

President Barack Obama's top political adviser is giving GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney credit for something he'd rather not be thanked for _ inspiring the national health care overhaul.

David Axelrod says the Obama health plan was largely modeled on the system Romney shepherded into place as Massachusetts governor.

Romney's Republican rivals have latched onto his state's health plan as a main point of criticism. Romney says the plan was specific to Massachusetts _ not meant to work on a national scale.

But Axelrod, speaking Wednesday on CBS' "Early Show," says Romney is switching positions now that he's running for president. He says it appears Romney "has no core to him." If Romney wins the GOP nomination, such criticism might help Obama deflect GOP attacks on his health care plan.