Mo. Senate deadlock keeps primary that won't count

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Posted: Oct 17, 2011 11:08 PM
Mo. Senate deadlock keeps primary that won't count

Missouri appears set to hold a presidential primary in February that likely won't count.

The state Senate has deadlocked 16-16 over an attempt to cancel the primary. The vote Monday came after state Republicans decided they'd use a caucus process rather than the primary to choose delegates for next summer's national convention in Tampa.

Some lawmakers argued eliminating the primary would disenfranchise voters. Others said it makes little sense to spend millions of dollars on what would essentially be a meaningless election considering the GOP's move and the expectation that President Barack Obama would cruise to the Democratic nomination.

Missouri Republicans plan to hold caucuses starting in March to avoid a penalty from the state party. The state's primary is about a month earlier than national party guidelines allow.