Davis: No decision on defending congressional map

AP News
Posted: Sep 23, 2011 6:03 PM
Davis: No decision on defending congressional map

Democratic Congressman Danny Davis says he hasn't yet decided if he'll help defend Illinois' new congressional map, which Republicans are challenging in court.

He backed away Friday from comments by fellow Rep. Jesse Jackson's office that Davis, Jackson and Rep. Bobby Rush decided not to contribute $10,000 each to the legal fight, as the state's Democratic members of Congress were asked to do.

Davis told The Associated Press he hadn't decided whether to kick in the money, nor has he drawn any conclusions.

Jackson has raised questions about whether the map satisfies the federal Voting Rights Act, which protects minority districts.

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Davis says the three agreed to look at the census data used to draw the maps, and Jackson may have been "editorializing a little bit."

Rush didn't immediately comment.