Romney: Perry is a poker player dealt 4 aces

AP News
Posted: Sep 12, 2011 9:15 PM
Romney: Perry is a poker player dealt 4 aces

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is likening Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his job creation record to a lucky poker player who is dealt four aces.

Romney says Texas enjoys advantages other states lack, such as oil and a Republican legislature. Romney says Perry's Texas fared better than other states during the recession and added jobs because of those advantages. Romney also noted that Perry's predecessors in the Texas governor's mansion had higher percentages of job creation.

Asked if Perry deserved credit for the growth, Romney likened him to a poker player dealt a foul-proof hand.

Perry laughed that he liked Romney's praise of Texas until he started talking about poker.

Romney and Perry were among eight Republicans sparring during Monday night's debate at the Florida State Fairgrounds.