Group: Deficit panel members shouldn't fundraise

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Posted: Aug 04, 2011 10:58 AM
Group: Deficit panel members shouldn't fundraise

A campaign finance watchdog group suggests that the lawmakers eventually picked for a congressional deficit-reduction panel abstain from all political fundraising.

The group Public Campaign says the panel's 12 yet-to-be-named members will come under intense pressure by corporate interests to maintain special tax loopholes, unwarranted subsidies and wasteful programs.

In a letter sent Thursday, Public Campaign demanded that the panel's members be open about any meetings with outside groups or individuals affected by their efforts to identify how the federal government should cut back its spending.

The congressional panel is to be made up of six House members and six senators, and split evenly between Republicans and Democrats. The debt-ceiling bill signed this week called for its formation.

Two dozen groups, including the liberal-leaning, also signed the letter.