Luxury Spa Brand Helps Hamas With Every Soap and Lotion Sold… Staff
Posted: Jun 30, 2011 12:01 AM
For everyone who’s ever used a face cream, anti-wrinkle treatment, “bath bomb” or body “butter” — did you ever think that while performing your daily beautification rituals, you might actually be supporting Hamas and its sympathizers?

Well, if you use a brand of high-end spa products by a company called LUSH, you are.

Some may not have ever heard of the luxury cosmetics company Lush, but on the hip streets of Soho, West Hollywood, South Beach and Mayfair in London, the boutique soap-pusher has become a household name. Billed as a purveyor of “fresh, handmade” cosmetics, Lush’s products promise to pamper you head to toe with luxurious all natural lotions, soaps, bath gels, lipsticks, shampoos and perfumes.

Seems innocent enough, right? Think twice.

It turns out British-born Lush supports a number of far-left causes — spun on its website as “ethical campaigns” — running the gamut from: global warming to oil spills; gay marriage to a “no one is illegal” campaign; to advancing the fight against nuclear energy. All polarizing issues that carry an inherit risk of alienating customers — but when Lush announced its support for the anti-Israel, jihadi sympathizing OneWorld campaign — the company’s foray into the murky waters of the Israeli Palestinian conflict went beyond the pale.

With a reported $350 million in annual revenue (some reports even say $500 million) and locations in over 40 countries, Lush’s far-reach and influence cannot easily be dismissed.

You might remember OneWorld — the group started by various recording artists whose stated aim is to “free Palestine” from its Israeli “oppressors.” With the help of well-known music group Coldplay, OneWorld launched a song titled “Freedom for Palestine.” The pro-Palestinian song pushes a revisionist narrative, which paints Israel as “illegal occupiers” committing “crimes against humanity.”