Weiner Still Gets Super-Sweet Pension

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Jun 17, 2011 1:22 PM
Weiner Still Gets Super-Sweet Pension
(Newser) – Maybe he won't need that Larry Flynt job after all: Anthony Weiner may be out of work, but his ultra-generous congressional pension alone will make him a millionaire, writes Jack Hough at SmartMoney. And that's after only 12 years of service, something that most workers in the private sector couldn't dream of. The 46-year-old can begin taking $25,000-a-year payments at age 56 or hold out until he's 62 to get $35,000 a year. "For the average retirement investor, that's a benefit comparable to $1.2 million in the bank," writes Hough.

On top of that, Weiner has a separate federal 401(k) plan along with Social Security. "The point here isn't that politicians don't deserve decent retirement plans," writes Hough. "The last thing America needs is financially-insecure lawmakers. But Weiner is getting the equivalent of a $1.2 million exit payment after serving just 12 years on the job. Now that's worth tweeting about."