Obama Unites Parties ... Against His Libya Evasions

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Jun 06, 2011 2:51 PM
Obama Unites Parties ... Against His Libya Evasions
(Newser) – President Obama has finally gotten Democrats and Republicans to agree on something. Unfortunately for him, it’s their distaste for his “odd stand on the Libyan war’s legality,” a Washington Times editorial observes. With this resolution, Congress told the president that his present stance on Libya—that the mission is so limited that he didn't have to report on it to Congress as required under the War Powers Resolution—isn’t going to fly.

“It is difficult to understand why Mr. Obama is making such a tortured and unconvincing argument,” the Times writes. Obama isn’t opposed to the resolution itself, so it’d be a lot easier to “avoid the controversy by filing a bit of paperwork.” Instead, Obama has angered both his anti-war base and “those who believe in the importance of upholding the nation’s laws. Whether it is obtuseness, laziness, or arrogance, it is a poor reflection on Mr. Obama’s leadership.”