IBOPE Zogby: Newt Crashes to Near Zero

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: May 24, 2011 2:05 PM
IBOPE Zogby: Newt Crashes to Near Zero
Support for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign has virtually evaporated, dropping to just 3 percent among likely Republican primary voters, a new IBOPE Zogby poll reveals.

That’s down from 7 percent in a May 6-9 poll, meaning Gingrich has lost more than half his support in the new poll conducted May 20-23.

Asked to choose from among 13 possible GOP presidential candidates in 2012, poll respondents chose eight Republicans ahead of Gingrich, including several who, unlike Newt, have not announced their candidacy: Herman Cain (19 percent), Chris Christie (16 percent), Mitt Romney (11 percent), Ron Paul (9 percent), Sarah Palin (6 percent), Michele Bachmann (5 percent), Tim Pawlenty (4 percent), and Mitch Daniels (4 percent).

Gingrich was tied with Rick Santorum at 3 percent, and ahead of only Fred Karger, John Huntsman Jr., and Gary Johnson.

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