NPR Firing of Juan Williams: Can It Get Worse For Dems? Staff
Posted: Oct 25, 2010 10:57 PM
The NPR firing of Juan Williams should cut off any perceived momentum that Democrats were hoping to gain through the NAACP’s attack on the Tea Parties. After all, it is Fox News that embraced Williams by giving him a new, lucrative contract extension after NPR fired him for stating that people in Muslim garb on a plane make him nervous.

For Tea Party Republicans, that could not be better timing. First they get to support a black, liberal journalist, hardly what one would expect from those whom the NAACP attacked as “racists.”

Secondly, they have been handed an easy answer to the BIG question being asked by Democrats and others — what are you going to cut? With one firing, the approximately $430 million that is the rotting corpse of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has been put on the chopping block.