Republicans say new faces will change Mass. gov't

AP News
Posted: Oct 19, 2010 11:49 AM
Republicans say new faces will change Mass. gov't

Republicans atop next month's ballot in Massachusetts say voters will only get change if they elect different people.

Gubernatorial candidate Charles Baker, secretary of state candidate William Campbell and attorney general candidate James McKenna held a news conference in front of the Statehouse on Tuesday to dramatize their call.

Campbell says the state "can't keep electing the same people and expect different results." McKenna says voters will stand at a crossroads on Election Day.

Baker says just as actions have consequences, so does inaction. He says Gov. Deval Patrick hasn't moved quickly enough to overhaul and pare state government.

McKenna is challenging Attorney General Martha Coakley, who lost the special election to replace Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate.