TV Blackout Raising Net Neutrality Concerns

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Posted: Oct 18, 2010 3:43 PM
Certain television channels have gone blank for Cablevision subscribers after the cable operator and News Corporation failed to come to an agreement on fees.

In question is how much Cablevision must pay News Corporation to carry its content. The contract between the companies expired last week and they have still failed to come to a new agreement after negotiating late into Saturday.

In the meantime, News Corporation channels are blacked out for Cablevision customers. News Corporation owns the Fox network. The blackout affects around 3 million people in the New York metropolitan area and could leave them unable to watch the Giants game on Sunday afternoon.

The dispute made a foray into net neutrality questions on Saturday amid reports that News Corporation had blocked Cablevision Internet users from accessing Fox websites, including, which News Corporation partially owns.

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