GOP congressman: Remember military, less fortunate

AP News
Posted: Dec 24, 2009 6:00 PM

Americans should take time to think about the less fortunate and the members of the military who are serving the country during the holiday season, Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California said Thursday.

Hunter, who served combat tours as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he understands the desire to be home for the holiday season but added "this is not a time for sadness or regret.

"Thoughts of home remind us of why we serve: because we're proud to be Americans, because we want to pass on to our children the blessings of liberty that we inherited from our forefathers, and because nothing matters more to us than protecting our homes and our families," he said.

In the weekly GOP radio address, Hunter also noted this country's 10 percent unemployment rate. "I hope we also take a moment this year to reflect on those suffering here at home," he said. "For too many families, this will be a difficult Christmas."

Republicans have offered several "common sense" solutions to get this country back on track, Hunter said. "Just as important, these solutions do not raise taxes, grow government or add to the already skyrocketing debt burden being placed on our kids and grandkids," he said.

Hunter said Republicans believe that politicians' credo should be "first, do no harm."

"So let's resolve in the new year to end misguided efforts to create new laws that will cost even more jobs, whether it's the 'cap and trade' national energy tax, the government takeover of health care, 'card check' or even more tax increases," Hunter said. "Working together, we can make the next holiday season even brighter for all Americans."