Key parts of Obama job creation package

AP News
Posted: Dec 08, 2009 4:16 PM

Here are the key elements of the job creation package President Barack Obama outlined Tuesday:


Small Business Incentives

_Eliminating capital gains taxes on new investments in small businesses through 2010, if the investments are held for at least five years.

_Extension through 2010 of a law that allows small businesses to take immediate tax write-offs on up to $250,000 of qualified investments.

_An employment tax cut through 2010 to encourage small business hiring.

_Making Small Business Administration loans more readily available, by eliminating fees and increasing federal loan guarantees in 2010.


Roads, Bridges and Other Infrastructure

_Up to $50 billion in new spending on ready-to-go construction projects.

_New merit-based procedures to select infrastructure projects for financing.


Energy Efficiency Investments

_Rebates for homeowners to make energy efficient improvements.

_Expansion of programs that use federal money to leverage private investments in industrial and manufacturing projects that use clean energy.