Oprah visits White House for Christmas special

AP News
Posted: Dec 03, 2009 9:14 PM

Oprah and Obama, teamed up again.

The billionaire talk show host descended on the White House on Thursday, accompanied by a giant array of personnel and equipment, to interview President Barack Obama for her coming prime-time Christmas television special.

In addition to a solo interview with the president, Winfrey conducted a joint conversation with the president and his wife, Michelle, and filmed a tour of the White House holiday decorations for their first year in office. She also had her first meeting with Bo, the family's Portuguese water dog.

Winfrey has interviewed Obama on other occasions, but not since he became president. She also shared the cover of her magazine for the first time with Michelle Obama, in this year's April issue, which also featured a long interview with the first lady about decorating, helping women, parenting philosophy, life in the White House and other topics.

Winfrey has been in the Obama White House at other times. In addition to coming for the Feb. 17 interview with the first lady for her magazine, Winfrey was on the guest list for an inaugural reception.

Winfrey's relationship with the Obamas dates to their days in Chicago.

Most notably, she lent her celebrity status to Obama's presidential campaign, her first-ever political endorsement. She appeared with him at high-energy campaign rallies that drew tens of thousands of supporters, raised money and cheered him on at the Democratic National Convention.

Winfrey also was seen weeping in the crowd during Obama's election night victory speech in downtown Chicago.

Her "Christmas at the White House" show will be on ABC on Dec. 13 at 10 p.m.