Back in business: Winslow working on sequel to 'The Cartel'

AP News
Posted: Jun 01, 2016 9:44 PM

NEW YORK (AP) — Crime writer Don Winslow just can't leave the drug wars alone.

A year after he swore there'd be no sequel to "The Cartel," his acclaimed follow-up to "The Power of the Dog," Winslow tweeted Wednesday he's begun a third volume.

His literary agent, Shane Salerno, confirmed the news to The Associated Press and said the book currently has no title or release date. The first two novels center on the drug trade in Mexico and feature maverick drug law enforcement agent Art Keller and a cartel boss modeled on the notorious Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, otherwise known as El Chapo.

"The Cartel" was published in May 2015. In an uncanny touch of prophesy, the drug lord escapes from prison, anticipating the 2015 real-life escape of El Chapo, who eventually was recaptured.

Shortly before the book's release, Winslow told the AP he was done with Keller, but on Wednesday he issued a statement through his agent saying he wasn't "ready to leave" the world of the first two books.

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"There is more to say, particularly after the arrest of Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera and the fallout and fracturing that has taken place," he said.

"In many ways, Mexico has become similar to Iraq. Beyond certain elements, the story will likely move beyond Mexico and may feature characters from 'The Power of the Dog' that were not featured in 'The Cartel.'"