Parker grants peek into her personal life in 'Dear Mr. You'

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Posted: Nov 11, 2015 9:26 AM
Parker grants peek into her personal life in 'Dear Mr. You'

"Dear Mr. You" (Scribner), by Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker may be best known for her roles in "Weeds" and "Angels in America," but she also has a pretty impressive byline. Her writings have appeared in numerous publications, and "Dear Mr. You" is her first book.

Parker takes readers on a biographical journey through a series of letters written to the men in her life. The collection of men includes family members, co-workers, friends — and strangers. Each character represents a significant time in Parker's life. She shares intimate details of lost love, the beginnings of her acting career and cherished moments with her children. Whether it's a loin-cloth-wearing surfer dude or a New York City firefighter, Parker is able to introduce another piece of her personal timeline in a creative way.

Readers will be drawn into her epic tale of the day her son was born. Hearts will melt when The Neighbor shows up for a visit. Tears will flow when the details of her daughter's adoption unfold after a trip to Ethiopia. And you can bet your heart will race when you read about the great lengths a daughter went through to secure oysters for her ailing father.

"Dear Mr. You" is a colorful anthology of funny, lonely and poignant moments from one woman's life. Her biographical approach is extremely innovative. Parker takes a hard look at the men in her life in order to analyze their impact on the woman she is today. And that woman is complex, compassionate, loving and talented.