Weiner explores idea of soul mates in 'Who Do You Love'

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Posted: Aug 11, 2015 3:24 PM
Weiner explores idea of soul mates in 'Who Do You Love'

"Who Do You Love" (Simon & Schuster), by Jennifer Weiner

Author Jennifer Weiner delicately sets the stage for a story detailing the celebrations and challenges of romance in "Who Do You Love."

She chronicles a relationship that spans 30 years. Readers will laugh, cry and find themselves caught up in the story, analyzing each moment of the timeline as Weiner explores the idea: "Do soul mates really exist?"

Rachel and Andy met in elementary school, and fate brings them back together eight years later. The once sickly girl with a weak heart and overbearing parents has grown into an energetic young woman, and the shy boy living in a single-parent home is now a motivated teen with big dreams of track scholarships. Their first interaction as children created intrigue. As teens, it was love at second sight.

In the beginning of their relationship, geography is the biggest hurdle. Attending colleges on opposite ends of the country is difficult, and as they grow and mature, all logic points to an inevitable breakup. Even though they feel being apart is the right choice, they continue to cross paths.

From the opening chapter of "Who Do You Love," Weiner brings the characters to life with intricate details. As Rachel and Andy journey through each new year, readers cannot help but invest in the relationship. It's a story about love gained and lost, and the idea of love eternal.

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"Who Do You Love" takes a critical look at those we allow to pierce our hearts and how they weave themselves into the fabric of our lives.

By the end of the novel, readers will have a solid opinion on the idea of soul mates.