Lots of twists and turns in 'The President's Shadow'

AP News
Posted: Jun 18, 2015 1:28 PM

"The President's Shadow" by Brad Meltzer (Grand Central)

A visit to the Rose Garden by the first lady opens "The President's Shadow," the latest historical thriller from Brad Meltzer, and the twists and turns that follow will keep even the most jaded reader up all night.

A severed arm is found buried in the Rose Garden, and the discovery immediately raises questions about security, the identity of the victim and the culprit. Beecher White is called to a secret meeting, where the president tells him that an item discovered with the arm links back to White's dead father. The mystery surrounding what happened has consumed him, and this discovery might finally bring some answers. His membership in a secret organization that dates back to the time before George Washington became president holds the key, especially since the clue left with the arm was meant for White.

White also must stop a bold assassin who has previously tried to kill the president and has now escaped custody. The manhunt and the quest for answers lie in the past, at an isolated location that was once a prison but is now a national park.

Meltzer blends history into the story line, and a good portion of it is insider knowledge, giving authenticity to the conspiracy that is slowly unveiled. This is the third thriller to feature White, and it's a perfect cap to an amazing trilogy.