Highlights of US projects by muralist Meiere

AP News
Posted: Apr 03, 2014 7:58 AM

The works of Art Deco muralist Hildreth Meiere can be found in 100 buildings in 15 states. Here are some highlights:


St. Joseph Church, Canaan: Stations of the Cross, oil and gilt on wood panel, c. 1948

Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford: Lobby mural, marble mosaic, 1956


University of Chicago, Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Chicago: Vaulting and apse ceiling, glazed ceramic tile, 1927

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago: Altarpiece and rear wall of miniature church, oil and gilt on wood panel, 1939


Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington: Mary Bennett Memorial, oil and gilt on wood panel, 1924


Bank of America Building, Baltimore: Floor decoration, marble mosaic, 1929


St. John's Episcopal Church, Beverly Farms: Altarpiece, oil and gilt on wood panel, 1930


St. Aloysius Church, Detroit: Rear wall, glass mosaic, 1931


Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, St. Louis: Domes, arches, walls, glass mosaic, 1945-61


Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln: Domes, ceilings, floors, tapestries, doors, 1924-32


Newark Museum, Newark: Central panel for Prudential Plaza lobby mural, marble mosaic, 1960


St. John's Grace Episcopal Church, Buffalo: Altarpiece, oil with gilt on wood panel, 1944

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Mt. Kisco: altarpiece, oil with gilt on wood panel, 1923

Trinity Episcopal Church, Roslyn: World War II triptych, oil and gilt on wood panel, 1943

St. Bartholomew's Church, apse and narthex, glass mosaic, 1929-1930; four clerestory windows, stained glass, 1948-1956

Temple Emanu-El, arch and ark of main sanctuary, glass mosaic, 1929

Radio City Music Hall, facade medallions, mixed-metal and enamel, 1932

One Wall Street, Banking Room, glass mosaic, 1931


Mary Immaculate Center, Chapel, Northampton: Half-dome of apse, glazed ceramic tile, 1939

Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia: Wall mural behind altar, oil on canvas, 1942


St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Providence: Altarpiece, oil and gilt on wood panel, 1924


The Virginia War Museum, Newport News: World War II triptych, oil and gilt on wood panel, 1944


Washington National Cathedral, Chapel of the Resurrection: Half dome apse, glass mosaic, 1951

National Academy of Sciences, Great Hal: Dome, raised and gilded gesso, 1924