Chan adds best director award to his trophy shelf

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Posted: Apr 12, 2013 11:04 AM
Chan adds best director award to his trophy shelf

HONG KONG (AP) — Jackie Chan has received a lot of awards during a career that's spanned 50 years, but a best director award is rare on his trophy shelves.

The action star took home one for his 100th film, "Chinese Zodiac." He was among entertainers honored at the Huading Awards in Hong Kong on Wednesday night.

Chan was all smiles backstage because he says this award didn't come easy. He says directors like Stanley Kwan and Tsui Hark "move the camera and have fun with it." But he says the tempo is faster in an action film, and it's harder to win directing awards.

He added: "I think I also got lucky."

Chan said last year he thought "Chinese Zodiac" would be his last action movie and he'll focus on other genres.

In other awards, Fan Bing Bing won best actress for "Double Exposure." She's an A-lister in her native China, but her Hollywood debut in "Iron Man 3" was reportedly cut back.

Fan said that as long as she had fun shooting, even if it was a small cameo, it doesn't bother her: "I think it's important to have a good time, and I was helping some friends out. It's fine."

Best-actor winner Nicholas Tse said he was happy about his win and thanked the cast and crew of the winning film "The Bullet Vanishes."

"Cold War" was named best film, and a lifetime achievement award went to filmmaker Raymond Chow.

The Huading Awards winners in some categories are selected by industry experts, while others are voted by viewers.