Review: NKOTB's new album, '10,' plays the field

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Posted: Apr 01, 2013 9:07 AM
Review: NKOTB's new album, '10,' plays the field

"10," the sixth album from New Kids on the Block, offers up the boy band brand of catchy pop adapted to modern tastes — easy, swaying hooks melded with unexpected Euro beats, sensitive lyrics and vague echoes of retro sounds.

But make no mistake, these guys are here to conquer your heart all over again, even going as far as to issue an Enrique Iglesias-doppelganger sounding tune, "The Whisper."

In a world where true pop romance is dead, this 12-track album separates the men from the boys in the musical arena. They sing with confidence on the touching ballad "Back to Life" (a wink to their phoenix-like rebirth?), issue a playful, energetic party invitation on the first single "Remix (I Like The)" and let emotion pour in "Miss You More."

Their swagger in "We Own the Night" puts to shame their contemporary counterparts who sing in only one direction. They may not set teenage hearts aflutter anymore, but they've got the rest of the market covered.


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