FOX Sports unveils several new cameras at Daytona

AP News
Posted: Feb 23, 2013 12:29 PM

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — The Daytona 500 will provide television viewers a little something different Sunday.

FOX Sports is introducing several new cameras to add another dimension to the viewing experience.

The cameras include an in-car Gyro-Cams, the FOX Super Zoom 4K camera and the return of a suspended cable camera over the length of pit road.

They're all really high tech and really cool.

The Gyro-Cam is a stabilized, in-car camera mounted in the center of the cockpit that rotates as cars enter Daytona International Speedway's 31-degree banked turns, keeping its view level with the horizon at all times. The resulting look demonstrates to viewers just how dramatic Daytona's turn angles are at race speed.

The Super Zoom camera was introduced during coverage of Major League Baseball and the NFL last year. It produces pictures with five times the resolution of normal high-definition cameras and captures the action at 300 frames per second. The resulting detail is remarkable and can zoom into an area of interest during the race with fine detail.

The suspended cable camera is supported by two gigantic cranes outside the track. Called CAMCAT, the two-point flying camera system skies over the tri-oval along pit road. Previously used to cover Formula One races and Olympic events, the camera is suspended at a maximum 140 feet and dips to 45 feet above the track. The camera can speed up to 85 mph along a 2,900-foot-long cable to offer never-before-seen shots of Daytona.

FOX first used a four-point cable system over pit road from 2005 to 2007. That camera traveled about 20 mph and 30 feet above ground.