Review: No slump for Two Door Cinema Club

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Posted: Sep 04, 2012 11:44 AM
Review: No slump for Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club, "Beacon" (Glassnote)

Two Door Cinema Club blasted onto the airwaves in 2010 with its debut "Tourist History." The group's wistful and perfectly constructed ditties about youth and love lodged them firmly in the indie set and spread optimism through the hearts of losers and geeks with a positive love song, "Something Good Can Work."

With its second album "Beacon," the Northern Ireland trio keeps that flame alive. The band continues its shoe-gazing style but with added twists. There's an electro spin on some of the tracks, showing the boys are capable of concocting more than guitar riffs, and they've gained more swagger since the release of their debut.

Precision is key with Two Door Cinema Club songs and they never miss a beat throughout "Beacon."

First single "Sleep Alone" pulsates with a steady drumbeat and is melancholic and full of yearning as Alex Trimble sings, "Hold me close/I've never been this far from home." And "Handshake" is interestingly punctuated with an electronic pulse throughout.

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The record doesn't have as many standout songs as "Tourist History," but still sees the band heading in an interesting indie disco direction and shows they did not slip into the second-album doldrums.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: "Next Year" is cleverly constructed, giving vocals, electronics and guitar space to breathe, and is lyrically optimistic. "I'll be home for next year darling," they promise.