Quotes and reaction to Jackson doc sentencing

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Posted: Nov 29, 2011 8:12 PM
Quotes and reaction to Jackson doc sentencing

Quotes on the sentencing of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's doctor:

_ "We are not here to seek revenge. There is nothing you can do today that will bring Michael back. But we will keep the love in our heart that Michael embodied throughout his life. His passion was for unifying the world through the gift of his artistry." _ Jackson family statement read by attorney Brian Panish

_ "As Michael's parents, we could never have imagined that we would live to witness his passing. It is simply against the natural order of things. As his brothers and sisters, we will never be able to hold, laugh or perform again with our brother Michael. And as his children, we will grow up without a father, our best friend, our playmate and our dad." _ Jackson family statement as read by Panish

_ "Dr. Murray _ whether he's a barista for the rest of his life, whether he's a greeter at Walmart _ he's still going to be the man who killed Michael Jackson." _ defense attorney Ed Chernoff

_ "I would just simply state that this crime occurred on June 25, 2009, but as far as looking at factors in aggravation, we know the defendant was playing Russian roulette with Michael Jackson's life every single night." _ Deputy District Attorney David Walgren.

_ "In essence Dr. Murray created this vulnerable situation and when Michael Jackson was at his most vulnerable, Dr. Murray left him alone to die." _ Walgren.

_ "My son is not what they charged him to be. He was a gentle child from the time he was small. " _ Milta Rush, Murray's mother

_ "It should be made very clear that experimental medicine is not going to be tolerated, and Mr. Jackson was an experiment. The fact that he participated in it does not excuse or lessen the blame of Dr. Murray, who simply could have walked away and said no as countless others did." _ Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor

_ "I can't even imagine that happening to any of us because of the horrific violation of trust." _ Judge Pastor, regarding a recording of an impaired Jackson that authorities recovered from Murray's cell phone

_ "This is going to be a real test of our criminal justice system to see if it's meaningful at all," District Attorney Steve Cooley said about Murray's four-year sentence automatically being cut in half

_ "I think this die was cast a long time ago," defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan on judge issuing maximum sentence

_ "The egregious conduct of Dr. Murray when `treating' Michael Jackson was bad enough but when coupled with his outrageous lies in trying to cover up his wrongdoing after Michael was dying and/or had died only served to magnify his criminal actions. Michael Jackson was the one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived and he will be missed by millions." _ Statement issued by estate of Michael Jackson

_"For those of us who knew Michael and loved him this is not a day of celebration. It is a day of continued pain because of the loss of a great artist and friend. I do hope it sends a signal to those that would prostitute their professional skills for money and pleasure while violating the oath of their profession." _ The Rev. Al Sharpton