Pharrell says he struggles to be eco-conscious

AP News
Posted: Apr 22, 2011 11:10 AM
Pharrell says he struggles to be eco-conscious

Pharrell (fah-REHL') may be involved with the textile company Return Textiles _ which creates clothes from recycled bottles _ but he says his intention isn't to be eco-friendly.

The rapper-producer told The Associated Press on Thursday that he wasn't eco-conscious growing up and still isn't.

And while the company is an eco-friendly one, Pharrell says its main goal is to make quality products.

He says he "hates to put so much emphasis on the recycling part of it." Pharrell says because the company uses recycled bottles, the sustainability becomes "an added value."

Return Textiles makes its products through use of bionic yarn technology, which is produced by using fibers collected from recycled plastic bottles.

Pharrell joined the company in 2008.