Nevada's Angle answers talk-show slur with flowers

AP News
Posted: Oct 27, 2010 7:45 PM
Nevada's Angle answers talk-show slur with flowers

TV talk show co-host Joy Behar referred to Senate candidate Sharron Angle with a slur, but the Nevada Republican replied with flowers after the on-air swipe boosted her fundraising.

Behar was railing about an Angle ad on immigration Tuesday on ABC's "The View" when she taunted the candidate to run the commercial in New York.

Behar referred to Angle using a vulgarity, then repeated it in saying that "she is going to hell, this b----."

On Wednesday, there was a large bouquet on the program's set. Behar said it came with a note from Angle that claimed the candidate raised $150,000 online Tuesday and added, "Thanks for your help."

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But Behar aimed at Angle again, suggesting the flowers were picked by illegal immigrants and "they're not voting for you, b----."