NBC, other networks struggling at 10 p.m.

AP News
Posted: Oct 19, 2010 4:23 PM
NBC, other networks struggling at 10 p.m.

NBC may have been on to something in scheduling Jay Leno at 10 p.m. last year. But the network is finding out the hard way.

The Nielsen Co. said that NBC averaged 6 percent fewer viewers during the 10 p.m. hour each weekday last week than it did during the comparable week with Leno last season. Leno's prime-time show was canceled in midseason, widely regarded as one of TV's epic failures.

NBC's "Chase," "Parenthood" and "The Apprentice" all had fewer than five million viewers in that time slot last week.

If it's any consolation, NBC isn't alone in the trend. Both ABC and CBS were down 8 percent at that hour last week compared to the previous year.